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August 28 2019


August 27 2019

Métro 2019
Immeuble Mouchotte Nuit
Immeuble Mouchotte jour
Horten hört ein hu
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August 25 2019

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August 23 2019

Martin Kippenberger (1989/90)

August 20 2019

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August 17 2019

628 532 bei Tönning

August 16 2019

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August 15 2019

Africa Railways - Tanzania Railways passenger coaches (BRE Metropolitan ad)

August 14 2019

Berlin Konstanzer Straße 2019
Federated Malay State Railways - FMSR bogie type well wagon (Gloucester Railway and Carriage Works, December 1913)
Beschädigte Schrift / Maimed Script

August 13 2019

A 100 (Ringbahnstraße)
Ministry of Works : Roman Lettering from the Trajan Column, specimen sheet issued 1945
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